International/Asia New Market Entry

  • New Market Research (B2B, B2C), Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Potential Partner /Client Search and Reference Check
  • Meeting Arrangement

Entering a new market takes a careful investigation and evaluation in reducing risks. Kraabol AS provides professional consultation to our clients step by step going through the market research and planning to ensure the success of the new market entry projects. The services we provide including the following areas:

  1. Important information & document search for target market.
  2. Special licenses, certificates, exams for products.
  3. Time frame for application & completion of all processes.
  4. Potential partner/agent/client search & credit check.
  5. Go/No Go decision making consultation.
  6. New market strategy planning support.
  7. Initial contacts & meeting arrangement.

International/Asia Outsourcing

  • Industrial Product Design & Solutions
  • Software and Hardware Development Outsourcing
  • Project/Product/Service Outsourcing and Management
  • Potential Supplier Search and Reference Check
  • Outsourcing Project Communication & Quality Control

Buying and producing products or services from low cost regions such as Asia is now an important strategy for not only large but also small companies to be cost effective for competing in the global market. Outsourcing is one of the earliest used business model for foreign companies to create competitive advantages. However, there are also problems for foreign company when it comes to communication, negotiation and quality control of the outsourcing projects. We help our clients to solve the problems in the following area:

  1. Identify the correct information /agent/supplier.
  2. Provide experts with experience & support for careful evaluation.
  3. Coach of understanding & abilities selecting right partners/agents/suppliers.
  4. Support business negotiation, communication and quality control in different stages.

International/Asia Corporate Partnering & Joint-Venture Consultation

  • Joint-Venture Planning & Risk Management Consultation
  • Networking Development & Partnering Consultation
  • Business Negotiation Support & Contract Consultation
  • Operation Set-up Support and Consultation

There are several commend business models when a company look for building a business relationship in other countries. One of the most important guideline is to consider your resources in terms of time, budget, knowledge & human resource to choose the most efficient & cost effective way. Our global consulting team works together to support and ensure your success in building business in other countries. We have expertise in the following areas:

  1. Agent/Partners/Licensing model.
  2. Visual/Physical Representative Office set up.
  3. Branch Office set up and support.
  4. Joint-Venture support & consultation.

Management Training and Culture Development

  • Management and Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Advance Project and Risk Management Workshop
  • Business and Culture Training & Workshop
  • Strategic Planning and Decision Making Workshop